Building Bridges, Strengthening Integration (BIS)

With the new project "Building Bridges, Strengthening Integration" (BIS) disadvantaged young job seekers get an opportunity to increase their chances on the job market with professional practical training as well as workshops abroad. BIS is primarily geared toward young job seekers before changing from education to a career, youths transitioning from school or education, and college graduates with no specialized work experience.The program is not limited to any particular professional group - graduates of all vocational training and degree programs may apply. The project is free for participants and includes a four to six-week preparation phase, which is followed by a two to two-and-a-half-month long internship in the host country. Subsequently, a four to six-week follow-up phase after the stay abroad concludes the project (detailed project information can be found at


The BIS project is carried out in cooperation with the  Institute for the Promotion of Education and Integration (INBI) in Mainz. The internships in both European partner countries, Great Britain and Turkey, are also sponsored by local cooperation partners. BIS is part of the program "IdA-Integration through Exchange," which is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. In addition to the exchange of participants, a know-how transfer is planned at the level of those who figure prominently in the labor markets of the participating countries. In various workshops, the experiences and approaches of labor market integration are discussed and compared at the international level.

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